Lake Powell Pipeline

Papers and information on the Colorado River and the Lake Powell Pipeline. Click here: A newsletter on the Lake Powell Pipeline. Lochhead, An Upper Basin Perspective Upper-Basin-Resolution-Emergency-Drought-2014 FERC Federal regulators hit pause on Lake Powell Pipeline BOR contract comments 1-26-18 Green River Exchange for LPP Upper Basin DEPLETIONS 2014_Colorado_River_Compact.xls Study report #22 Alternatives 11-30-15 Water… Read more »

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Lake Powell Pipeline Studies Released for Comment

CLICK Here:Preliminary Licensing ProposalLake Powell Pipeline draft Study Reports 12-1-2015 The Governor released his budget and policy recommendation on water: “Out of respect to the taxpayer, it is recommended that the State of Utah only allocate very scarce General Fund resources to financing major water projects after all other alternatives are exhausted (similar to how… Read more »

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Executive Water Finance Board

Governor Herbert issued an Executive Order in June 2017 creating the Executive Water Finance Board to study various financial and economic aspects of water use and proposed water projects that the state will fund. The Governor’s 2020 Budget and Policy Brief-  here March 23, 2018 the Finance Board held a meeting on the Lake Powell… Read more »

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