Latest News on Northern Corridor Highway and the Lake Powell Pipeline

Federal agencies, with the support of our elected officials, have started the Environmental Impact Statement  process for two long-standing, complicated and damaging projects: the Northern Corridor Highway and the Lake Powell Pipeline. These projects have gone through other approval attempts that have failed due largely to CSU’s member efforts.  Let’s keep it up! CLICK HERE:… Read more »

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Scoping Issues for the Lake Powell Pipeline EIS

Analyse these issues in the Lake Powell Pipeline EIS: Include a “conservation” alternative to the EIS that would reduce the demand for water through a number of conservation methods.  Western Resource Advocates’ “Local Waters Alternative,” is a comprehensive approach to provide a flexible and cost effective pathway for Washington County to meet its water needs… Read more »

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Lake Powell Pipeline’s Proposed Environmental Impact Statement

Utah recently switched lead federal agencies for the Lake Powell Pipeline (LPP) project to the Bureau of Reclamation (BOR), which in turn began a new Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) process.  This process began with “scoping” by asking the public what key issues should be analysed in an proposed draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). See a… Read more »

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