Southwest Utah grows in a manner that enables conservation and restoration of its natural and cultural resources.


Conserve and steward our area’s natural and cultural resources and advocate for Smart Growth policies that enable conservation for the benefit of present and future generations.


Our overarching goal is that Southwest Utah  implements  policies that balance growth and economic development with conservation and stewardship of land, air and water resources to benefit our citizens, both present and future.  That translates into these more specific goals:

PUBLIC LANDS – Conserve our public lands, their habitats and cultural remnants of native and pioneer activity, engage in land use policies and advocate that public lands remain in public ownership.

WATER – Promote efficient use of our existing local water and advocate “Conservation First,” before pursuing unsustainable water supplies like the Colorado River.

SMART GROWTH – Advocate sustainable development policies that prevent sprawl, foster conservation of natural resources and preserve a high quality of life.