Studies 2007- 2008

LPP Studies 2015-2016

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Green River Block

Green River Block Water Exchange FINAL EA Jan 2019

BOR finalizes Green River Water Rights Exchange contract with Utah

CSU’s information and comments on the Green River Block

BOR Flaming Gorge Dam EIS, ROD 2006

Studies 2020

Lake Powell Pipeline Coalition BOR Scoping Comments Jan 2020 

Sewer Expansion St George

BOR Scoping Report Feb 2020

BOR’s Lake Powell Pipeline Water Exchange Contract to buy water for LPP

DEIS Coalition Comments LPP FINAL September 8, 2020

BOR did not consider Climate Change, Review of LPP DEIS Ben Harding, Lynker Technologies July 2020

BOR inflated the need for the LPP, Review of LPP DEIS Peter Mayer Water DM Sept 2020

CSU Protest LPP Change Application powerpoint 10-21-20

Public Comments on the LPP sent to BOR Sept 2020 Part 1.

Public Comments on the LPP sent to BOR Sept 2020 Part 2

Zion Canyon Mesa, interview with CSU. Is The Water Wet? . Dec 2020 Listen to Podcast 

Studies 2021

WRA’s Local Waters Alternative to the LPP 2.0, Highlights

WRA’s Local Waters Alternative (LWA) 2.0, Full Report

WRA’s interactive map of LWA 2.0, Story Map

DWR Water Resources Plan, Water Resources Plan FINAL 11-15-21