See Yourself Voting for the Environment this Election Season


I’ll never forget being told that I have a responsibility to speak up for the threatened Mojave desert tortoise because the tortoise cannot speak for itself. All of us must speak on behalf of threatened species and the lands they need for survival which also provide our human communities with recreation, refuge and sacred space. This is a defining moment for the Red Cliffs National Conservation Area and America’s public lands. Today, the most powerful voice they have is the one that you give them with your vote.

Conserve Southwest Utah Public Lands Program Manager Sarah Thomas



Get Out the Vote with Conserve Southwest Utah this November!

Conserve Southwest Utah is deeply grateful to you for defending your local environment, especially for the recent and on-going intensive advocacy on the Northern Corridor Highway and Lake Powell Pipeline. You participated in critical public comment periods and spoke out on behalf of the Red Cliffs National Conservation Area, the Colorado River, and our quality of life in Washington County. With future generations in mind, you used a variety of tools to communicate the need to protect our land and water, including thoughtful letters to the editor, substantive NEPA comments, social media posts, and personal dialogue with elected officials, family, friends, and neighbors.

Now we invite you to turn your love and respect for the environment into action once more:

“Join the national movement of people who are voting or mobilizing others to vote to protect the public lands that make our country special and our lives more meaningful. Use your vote in November to stop the destruction, repair the damage and reset the agenda. Recruit your family, friends and community to make sure we elect candidates with the bold vision to protect our shared land and water resources necessary for healing ourselves, our communities and our planet.”

This inspiring call to action comes from the Conservation Lands Foundation Election Center. The Election Center webpage is a beautiful and motivational one-stop-shop where you can prepare for the November 2020 elections:

      • Sign up for Motivote, a fun, social platform for activating your community to vote for their public lands and the environment. Did we mention you can win prizes?
      • Check if you’re registered to vote.
      • Register to vote.
      • Vote by mail and request your mail-in ballot.
      • Find your voting place.
      • Fill out your 2020 census.






Voting in November is the next step in substituting reasonable alternatives for the Northern Corridor Highway and Lake Powell Pipeline, and for all actions that are compromising our living environment and placing future generations at great risk.  Our environment needs you now more than ever.



As a public we have had a hard time imagining the demise of our public lands, wildlife, and rivers.  We don’t have to imagine any longer. The evidence is undeniable. We must elect leaders who understand what environmental and cultural devastation is ahead if we don’t move to protect our planet. . . .right now!  Your vote and my vote are crucial to our future!

Conserve Southwest Utah Community Outreach Coordinator, volunteer, founder of Splore Martha Ham