Inside the route of the proposed Northern Corridor Highway.


The road ahead and how you can help 

Three actions you can take:

“The time has come to protect and stand up for the land that we have all come to fall in love with.”

1. Sign the petition that 21-year-old mountain biker Pierce Kettering crafted on his own.  He showed us all that citizens can take action that speaks! His petition has 790 signatures and counting. Help us garner many more signatures. Pierce and CSU will respectfully present the petition to the proponents of the Northern Corridor Highway. Click on Pierce’s image to watch a short video of this young advocate explaining why he’s opposed to the Northern Corridor.


2. Stay vigilant about any signs of construction in the Red Cliffs National Conservation Area (NCA). Please call us immediately if you see large excavating equipment collecting near the Red Cliffs NCA. 513-817-1128. We must all keep our eyes open to prevent proponents from moving ahead.


3. Write a Letter to the Editor or an Opinion Editorial and submit them to publications throughout the state, especially those in your area. Need help? You got it! Contact Martha Ham at for assistance. For guidelines on submitting letters and op-eds to specific publications, see below.


   Salt Lake Tribune (Wasatch Front):

   Deseret News (Wasatch Front):

   Standard Examiner (Ogden):

   The Spectrum (St. George):

   The Independent (St. George):

   The St. George News (St. George):


Need inspiration? Click here to see great examples of letters written by your friends and neighbors.


The Movement to Save Red Cliffs

Thank you for participating in the environmental review process for the Northern Corridor Highway last year and for helping to raise awareness about this precedent-setting project! Below is a timeline review of the last 18 months, including notable accomplishments in the movement to protect the Red Cliffs National Conservation Area (NCA) in 2020:

      • Jan 2020 – 20,000 public comments received during scoping for the Northern Corridor Highway (NCH).
      • Apr – COVID-19 devastates communities, preventing gatherings and limiting ability to participate in public processes like NEPA for the NCH.
      • Jul – Human-caused wildfires burn 25% of the Red Cliffs NCA. BLM ignores CSU’s request for a supplemental Draft EIS and pause to the environmental review until fire impacts are studied and understood.
      • Jul – Rep. Stewart introduces H.R. 7815 to override public comment and force the highway.
      • Sep – 15,400 public comments received on the draft EIS in favor of transportation alternatives that reduce congestion and preserve the Red Cliffs NCA.
      • Sep – U.S. House Natural Resources Committee requests that NCH review be paused until unethical, illegal issues are resolved, including attempted routing of the highway through lands purchased with Land and Water Conservation Fund for permanent conservation.
      • Nov- BLM released a Final Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) on the Northern Corridor Highway, indicating their preference for UDOT’s Alternative 3 through the Red Cliffs NCA, and triggering a 30-day protest period.
      • Jan 2021 – BLM issued a Record of Decision on the Northern Corridor Highway, granting UDOT a right-of-way to build the highway in the heart of the Red Cliffs NCA.
      • June – CSU, through our non-profit legal team at Advocates for the West, filed a lawsuit against the US Department of Interior (DOI) to reverse the approval of the NCH in the closing days of the Trump Administration. Co-plaintiffs with us are our fellow Red Cliffs Coalition non-profit organizations: Conservation Lands Foundation, Center for Biological Diversity, Defenders of Wildlife, Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance, The Wilderness Society and WildEarth Guardians.

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