Inside the route of the proposed Northern Corridor Highway.

 What’s Next for the Northern Corridor Highway?

First, we want to thank you for commenting on the Northern Corridor Highway Draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), or for raising your awareness and interest in this precedent-setting project. Here’s where we’ve been and what we’ve accomplished together in the movement to protect the Red Cliffs National Conservation Area (NCA) in 2020:

      • Jan – 20,000 public comments received during scoping for the Northern Corridor Highway (NCH).
      • Apr – COVID-19 devastates communities, preventing gatherings and limiting ability to participate in public processes like NEPA for the NCH.
      • Jul – Human-caused wildfires burn 25% of the Red Cliffs NCA. BLM ignores CSU’s request for a supplemental Draft EIS and a pause to the NCH review until fire impacts are understood.
      • Jul – Rep. Stewart introduces H.R. 7815 to force the NCH in the middle of a public comment period.
      • Sep – 15,400 public comments received on the draft EIS in favor of transportation alternatives that reduce congestion and preserve the Red Cliffs NCA.
      • Sep – U.S. House Natural Resources Committee requests that NCH review be paused until unethical, illegal issues are resolved, including attempted routing of the highway through lands purchased with Land and Water Conservation Fund for permanent conservation.
      • Nov- You join the national movement of people who are voting and organizing to protect the public lands that make our lives more meaningful.

These actions were possible through your support, your fierce advocacy, and your love of place. Thank you!


The Road Ahead: Communication not Construction

Conserve Southwest Utah wants to support you in participating in the 2020 elections and in talking to your elected officials about the issues that matter to you. First things first…

1 – Register to vote in November

Voting for America’s public lands, water and air today ensures they’ll be there for us, and for future generations, tomorrow. Head over to our Voting for Your Public Lands and Waters Page for everything you need to register and vote on behalf of the Red Cliffs NCA and our local environment.

2- Start a conversation with  your elected officials about your public lands

Americans are seeking information we can trust on issues that affect our daily lives, including projects like the Northern Corridor Highway. This election season, we want to support you in talking to your elected officials at the federal, state and local levels.  Write an email asking the questions that you need answered. Seek understandable and trustworthy information. In the spirit of curiosity and respect, begin a conversation and cultivate a relationship with your elected officials at this critical time.

Tips for writing elected officials

  • Look for common ground, state some aspects of the issue that you can agree on; i.e., “Like you, I am concerned about spending tax dollars wisely.”
  • Share opinions that are backed up with facts. Offer a calm message.
  • Keep your message clear and to the point. Brevity is best.
  • Demonstrate that you have some knowledge about their leadership. “Thank you for your hard work in supporting the Recreation, Arts and Parks (RAP) tax.”  “I am sure you value citizen input, and that is why I was glad when your city agreed to be a cooperating agency in NEPA for the Northern Corridor Highway.”
  • Ask questions rather than just share your opinion. Express your interest in learning and understanding more about his/her position on the NCH and let them know that you look forward to a response.
  • Remember that your objective is for the elected official to learn who you are and to begin a conversation.

Why reach out to elected officials at this time?

We are not expecting to change election results. This is a good time to engage elected officials and get to know them better during an election season. In the future, when these officials come to a crossroads in making a decision that could affect the outcome of the proposed NCH, you are more likely to have their ear if it isn’t the first time you contacted them.

Conserve Southwest Utah aims to facilitate meaningful dialogue about the public lands, air, water and smart growth issues that affect Washington County residents. Please let us know what kind of responses you receive and how they resonate with you. Email us at

Click here to see a list of questions you could ask to start a conversation on the Northern Corridor Highway.

Click here to see contact information for your elected officials.

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