Community Letters on the Northern Corridor Highway, Summer 2020

Letters on Wildfires

Wildfires Remind us of our Responsibility to Tortoises in the Red Cliffs Desert Reserve

By Soames Summerhays (Green Springs Resident), Spectrum

Freeways, Cronyism and an Environmental Alamo

By Bill Mader (Former Red Cliffs Desert Reserve Administrator), Salt Lake Tribune

Gratitude and Lessons Learned from the Turkey Farm Road Fire

By Tom Nead (Green Springs Resident), St. George News

There Were Two Major Wildfires: BLM Needs to Hit Pause on the Northern Coridor

By Martha Ham (Founder of Splore), Spectrum

Letters on Transportation Alternatives

Northern Corridor Highway: Eating Our Cake and Having It Too

By Howard Sierer, SU Independent

Stop the Plow First, Think Later Highway Plan in Washington County

By Carol Bold (Carol Bold Fine Art and Printmaking), Salt Lake Tribune

Washington County Officials in Dreamland About the Northern Corridor Highway

By Lisa Rutherford, SU Independent

Letters on Homeowner Impacts

Northern Corridor would destroy yet more of Southern Utah’s Untamed Beauty

By Mary Jo Vilicich (Green Springs Resident), St. George News

Keep the Northern Corridor Highway out of Red Cliffs and My Backyard

By Rebecca Vail and Will Zimmer (Green Springs Residents), St. George News

Letters on Zone 6

Opinions Offered on the Northern Corridor Ahead of Public Comment Deadline

By Ed LaRue (Desert Tortoise Council Biologist), St. George News

Letters on the Northern Corridor Highway

If You Aren’t Angry About the Northern Corridor Highway, You Should Be

By Lukas Brinkerhoff (Co-Founder Save Pioneer Park), St. George News

Northern Corridor: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

By Richard Spotts, St. George News