2020 began with a great success with the submission of just under 20,000 comments to the BLM on the scope of the environmental and socioeconomic impacts of the Northern Corridor Highway (NCH).  We know that many CSU supporters submitted comments. Thank you!!!

Over 40 people hand-delivered their comments to the BLM on the final day of the comment period!

All the energy and effort that CSU and many of you devoted to scoping comments was the opening step in a process that will extend throughout 2020.

The next important step will be early this summer when the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) is released for public comment.   CSU will carefully follow the process as it unfolds.  We will organize a commenting process when the draft EIS is released.  This commenting period will be even more important than the scoping comments we just completed. 

It’s possible that the 90 day public comment period on the DEIS could begin June 12, 2020.

A final decision on an EIS should be made by the Department of the Interior late in 2020 or early in 2021.
In the meantime, we encourage you to express your concerns about the NCH to your County Commissioners and city council members. Clearly these officials will have an influence on the final decision to commit over a $150 million in funds for a highway that is not needed.


Help CSU Build Momentum in Defense of Red Cliffs

Express your concerns about the NCH and your support for the Community Transportation Alternative to your County Commissioners and City Council Members from Hurricane, Washington, St. George, Santa Clara and Ivins.

Please write a letter, send an email, or schedule a visit with an elected official. Take a picture of your letter, email, or meeting and send to board@conserveswu.org so that we can share on social media and spread the word. Together, we can defend Red Cliffs and support our local economy and quality of life.


CSU Position on the Northern Corridor Highway

The Northern Corridor violates the prior agreements and purpose of the Red Cliffs National Conservation Area/ Desert Reserve

  • It not only would destroy the habitat that was promised to be protected in order to enable development throughout the county, but would damage recreation, scenery and quality of life
  • The concept of a proposed “Zone 6” between Santa Clara and Sun River fails to mitigate damage that would be caused by the highway
  • The Northern Corridor Highway is unnecessary

Stated reason for the highway: increasing congestion at I-15 exit 10 (Green Springs) and 8 (St George Blvd-1000E-Red Hills Pkwy)

If the predicted congestion is caused by east-west traffic along the north side of the metro area, between Hurricane and Ivins/Santa Clara, as stated by the county’s purpose and need statement, there is a better solution: connect Red Hills Parkway directly to I-15 via a “flyover” interchange near 1000E.

If the predicted congestion is caused by traffic from the NE (Hurricane) N (Brio & Green Springs) and NW (Ivins/Santa Clara) to the central shopping-employment-DSU-medical area (St George & Washington City), improve Red Hills Pkwy between 1000E and exit 13 with efficient intersections to eliminate stops, add more I-15 underpasses, upgrade traffic flow downtown St George.

Link to Scoping Comment Resources