Summary of the Community Transportation Alternatives

Direct improvements:

  1. Red Hills Flyover Connection: Build elevated ramps to connect Red Hills Parkway to I-15. There are options where these ramps could connect to minimize disturbance to businesses. This would completely remove traffic connecting Red Hills Parkway to I-15 from the congestion areas.
  2. Red Hills Parkway Widening and Intersection Improvements: Improve flow from I-15 Exit 13 to Bluff St./SR18. Traffic would move more efficiently along Red Hills Parkway through the troubled intersections.

Indirect improvements to congestion in areas A and B:

  1. Porous I-15: Tunnel under I-15 in a few locations to keep from funneling traffic through troubled intersections.
  2. Downtown Loop: Turn St. George Blvd and Tabernacle St. into one-way streets and improve traffic flow with timed lights.

Systemic Solutions:

  1. Implement Technological Improvements: “Smart” traffic management, self-driving vehicles, and other improvements likely to be implemented over the next 40 years.
  2. Implement Vision Dixie : Stop sprawl and enable people to shop, play, and work near where they live. This would stop our LA-style development and reduce the resultant traffic congestion.
  3. Re-imagine Downtown: Insist on pedestrian-friendly construction, focus on an Arts & Entertainment core, prioritize non-motorized movement, and add trollies.
  4. Move People Rather than Cars: Start planning for mass transit and more walking and bicycling opportunities.
  5. I-15 Thru-traffic Bypass: Enable I-15 thru-traffic to bypass St. George entirely, by routing it along the Southern Parkway.
  6. Industrial Park Re-use: relocate the industrial park currently north of Red Hills Parkway to remove its traffic from the congestion zones.
  7. Human Adaptation: humans have and will continue to adapt to their environment, including taking advantage of technology to shop from home, receive auto-deliveries, work from home, and adjust travel times based on traffic patterns.

Click the blue link to see the detailed Conserve Southwest Utah Community Transportation Alternatives to the Northern Corridor Highway package.