Why Here?

See two Dixie Metropolitan Planning Organization (DMPO) studies on the Northern Corridor Highway inside the Red Cliffs Desert Reserve/National Conservation Area below. (Note- files are large and slow to load).

The 2011 Washington Parkway Cost Benefit Study investigates 6 different routes for moving east-west traffic across Northern St. George (page 16). Each of these routes travels through the Red Cliffs NCA. Why won’t DMPO consider transportation alternatives located outside Red Cliffs? Check out Conserve Southwest Utah’s Community Transportation Alternative.


The 2012 Washington Parkway Study: Integration of East-West Transportation Needs with Conservation Objectives for Desert Tortoise in Washington County, Utah analyzes 12 major threats the Northern Corridor Highway would pose to the threatened Mojave desert tortoise (page iii), but still pushes for construction of a “northern transportation route” through the Red Cliffs Desert Reserve/NCA (page 40).

Submit Your Scoping Comment before January 6, 2020 to Defend Red Cliffs and local quality of life. Ask BLM to study transportation alternatives outside the Red Cliffs National Conservation Area.