Martha began volunteering as CSU’s outreach coordinator in 2020, which led to her being recruited as a board member within the year.  She is a community organizer at heart who believes that engaging the public is a crucial and powerful component of the conservation movement.

When Martha moved to Utah in 1976, she had the good fortune of meeting iconic environmental activist Ken Sleight, who mentored her on the stewardship of the Colorado River. Having studied the proposed Lake Powell Pipeline for over a decade, she is deeply concerned about the complex impact of exporting and importing water to and from watersheds.

Rivers are Martha’s “thing”; people too.  In the late 1970s, with Sleight’s help, she started a river company devoted to providing accessible rafting trips for people with disabilities.  Splore lives on today, offering an array of guided outdoor activities for people in need of adaptation for successful participation.

Martha enjoyed a career as a full-speed-ahead social worker.  In retirement, she has rolled up her sleeves to educate the public about better choices for the environment, like living within our natural limits with local water resources. Also, in her thoughts, most days is the question, “How are we going to find solutions to the climate crisis?”

Martha graduated with a BS from Mercer University and an MSW from the University of Utah.