A Social Scientist by training, Judith Rognli’s interest in intersections of social and environmental issues has guided her professional and private life for many years. Prior to moving to Utah from Northern Germany in 2016, she worked as a researcher studying organizational dynamics in volunteer-run renewable energy cooperatives. After coming to Saint George, she moved on to straddle Active Transportation Advocacy and the Bike Industry, first as Location Director of the Saint George Bicycle Collective, and then as Service Technician and Active Transportation Specialist at Red Rock Bicycle.

Judith is a big picture thinker and a problem solver who is not afraid to tackle issues at the nitty-gritty level of local communities or individual organizations. As a firm believer that change begins at home and takes place through emergent processes, she gave up car ownership five years ago.

Judith’s international experience and the insights she continues to gain through living and parenting without a car in a rapidly growing sub-urban environment guide her approaches towards her work. She strives to be inclusive and mindful of different lived experiences, while pragmatically focusing on positive outcomes for everyone.

When Judith is not biking or backpacking in the Red Rocks, you will find her playing music with her band.

Judith earned a B.A. in Cultural and Social Sciences at the European University Viadrina in Frankfurt (Oder), Germany, in 2007, and a M.A. in International Migration and Intercultural Relations at the University of Osnabrueck, Germany, in 2009.