Art served as an instrumental CSU board member for over a decade, culminating in his service as President from 2022-2023.

Art was born and raised in Southern California and lived in the Seattle area for over 30 years, where he experienced firsthand how poorly planned growth, traffic congestion and pollution can ruin areas that once had a high quality of life. He applies skills from his professional career in health care planning, marketing, and management to his leadership of Conserve Southwest Utah.

One of Art’s proudest achievements is the 18 months he spent as a junior analyst in the year-old Environmental Protection agency during 1971-72.  Agency head William Ruckelshaus recognized Art with a special commendation for single-handedly calculating the amount of phosphorous being discharged into the great lakes from the US side. These data enabled the US to negotiate a treaty with Canada that regulated discharges into the Great Lakes.

Art’s commitment to the environment was sparked by his growing up in the smog-laden Los Angeles basin where he could actually see smog in the hallway of his elementary school. On family trips to Reds Meadows in the Sierra Nevadas as a child he would look at the high mountains and think, “Someday I will go there!” A lifetime of backpacking, camping, hiking, mountaineering, rock climbing, sea kayaking and river rafting has strengthened his commitment to the environment.

Art graduated from Pomona College in 1971 with a BA in Economics, and received an MS in Health Care Management from UCLA in 1974.