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Lake Powell & Hydropower

Posted June 18, 2014 by Susan Crook

Recently, our executive director got the chance to sit down with KUTV and talk about the minimum power pool levels of Lake Powell. Sound really boring? Well, the hydropower from Glen Canyon Dam provides electricity for some 6 million people! While there’s been a huge amount of snowpack this year, longer term simulations are showing… Read more »

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Who Should You Contact About The Lake Powell Pipeline?

Posted February 13, 2012 by Jane Whalen

The Lake Powell Pipeline is awaiting funding from the State Legislature. Let your Legislator know you want to have a voice in this multi-billion dollar decision. Copy the link below to your browser to find your representative. http://le.utah.gov/GIS/findDistrict.jsp


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Lake Powell Pipeline Environmental Studies Continue

Posted December 25, 2011 by Jane Whalen

The State of Utah’s 2011, Initial Draft Study Reports of Utah Board of Water Resources, for the Lake Powell Pipeline (LPP) project were submitted to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and released for public comment March 11, 2011. After two years of study by the State of Utah’s, Board of Water Resources (UBWR) the… Read more »

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