Stop the Northern Corridor Highway from cutting through your backyard!

Greensprings View: Threatened by the NCH

Follow the three steps below to safeguard your backyard and the Red Cliffs National Conservation Area.

As a resident of Green Springs, Brio or Warm Springs, you likely value your close proximity to Red Cliffs National Conservation Area, direct access to hiking trails, the serene quiet and breathtaking views.

Unfortunately, all of this and more is at risk due to the proposed Northern Corridor Highway, which would connect to the existing Washington Parkway and pass through Red Cliffs and just 300-1500 feet from the edge of Green Springs and lower your property value.

Read more about what’s at stake in the petition below.

The Northern Corridor Highway, if built, would connect to the existing Washington Parkway Extension. Traffic volume would rise to 32-46 thousand vehicles per day by the year 2040.

This is a critical time to voice your opposition to the highway by commenting on the BLM SEIS, a new study of Northern Corridor Highway impacts, before June 24th.

Submit your comment in five minutes or less by using Conserve Southwest Utah’s comment tool.

The BLM SEIS indicates that the Northern Corridor Highway would lead to an increased risk of catastrophic wildfire. Homeowners in Green Springs, Brio and Warm Springs would be especially vulnerable. The photos above show the 2020 Turkey Farm Road Fire which caused evacutation of Green Springs.

Three Steps to Protect Red Cliffs

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2- Sign the Petition: Join the “Homeowners Against the Highway” by signing the petition (also below).

Why do Homeowners Oppose the Northern Corridor Highway?

Homeowners Against the Highway Petition

We, the residents of Green Springs, Brio and Warm Springs, oppose construction of the Northern Corridor Highway (NCH) through the Red Cliffs National Conservation Area (NCA). We support continued protection for the Red Cliffs NCA, because its values – including scenery, recreation, natural quiet, dark night skies, wildlife and refuge from the nation’s fastest-growing metro area – enrich our lives. [1]

The NCH would reduce our property values, health and safety, and quality of life.

This highway would carry 32-46 thousand vehicles per day by 2040, and would travel less than 1/10 mile from many of our homes, exposing our families to traffic noise, light and air pollution on a daily basis.[2][3]

The stunning scenery, tranquility, trails and protected habitat for threatened wildlife that we, and hundreds of thousands of area residents and visitors, enjoy in the Red Cliffs NCA would be negatively impacted.

Finally, we are deeply concerned about the risk of catastrophic wildfire associated with the highway, and reference the 2020 Turkey Farm Road Fire, which caused evacuation of Green Springs residences, as a stark example of this danger.[4][5]

We ask that the Washington City Council support one of the excellent transportation alternatives to the NCH located outside of the Red Cliffs NCA.

The Red Hills Parkway Expressway and St. George Boulevard/100 South One-way Couplet have been analyzed to reduce traffic congestion and travel time more successfully than the NCH[6] at a similar or smaller cost.[7] 

Join us in opposing the NCH for the harm it would cause to homeowners, and for the dangerous precedent it would set in undermining the protection of conservation lands nationwide.


The Residents of Green Springs, Brio and Warm Springs

3- Attend/Host a Neighborhood Meeting: Conserve Southwest Utah is organizing neighborhood meetings on the Northern Corridor Highway. Learn how to become an effective advocate in a single evening! If you would like to attend or host a meeting, email:

Questions? Please email

Are There Transportation Alternatives to the Northern Corridor Highway?

Yes! In 2020, engineering groups studied the Northern Corridor Highway and five alternatives, including two located outside of the Red Cliffs NCA and away from Green Springs. They publisehd a Highway Alternatives Development Report (Appendix J) that showed the Red Hills Parkway Expressway and St. George Blvd. / 100 South One-way Couplet alternatives would perform better than the Northern Corridor Highway at reducing traffic congestion and travel time.

The Red Hills Parkway Expressway would connect two existing roads, I-15 and Red Hills Parkway, to reduce east-west traffic congestion in Washington County.