With Carmen Clark from the Shivwits Band of Southern Paiutes

Friday October 4th

3 – 5:30 pm

Dixie State University

Gardner Conference Room B

L to R, T to B: Indian Rice Grass, Utah Agave, Ratany, Desert Sage, Scarlet Globe Mallow, Indian Paintbrush, Desert Marigold

Conserve Southwest Utah and the Multicultural & Inclusion Center welcome Carmen Clark as part of Curanderismo & Native American Healing (Natural Gifts of the Earth) events at Dixie State University.



We invite you to learn about Southern Paiute cultural plants including creosote, cedar, mesquite, globe mallow, prickly pear cactus, yucca and willow.  Then learn to make your own split-twig willow figurine. These intricate figurines are made from a single willow twig, split down the middle that is carefully folded into animal shapes like deer and big horn sheep.

We’ll be offering follow-up plant ID hikes in the Red Cliffs National Conservation Area with former Shivwits Band Chairman Glenn Rogers.

Free to the public!

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