Northern Corridor Highway

The Trump administration approves the highway, 1-15-21 The Washington Post

CSU’s OP-ED, “Building the Northern Corridor would be like tossing a burning match into the Reserve.” 12-29-20, Spectrum.

At a Crossroads, Lawsuit threatened Northern Corridor. 9-10-20 Spectrum

Update on Highway’s DEIS process- Spectrum 11-17-20

CSU’s  Press Release that the  Public comment period closed and CSU sounds the alarm about the misuse of funds
to build a highway in Utah’s Red Cliffs National Conservation Area. 9-10-20  Read Here.

Northern Corridor Highway would be an unnecessary scar on Washington County – Tribune 7-7-20

New Stewart Bill to mandate a highway through the NCA- Spectrum 8-1-20

Lake Powell Pipeline

Utah’s Water Wars, OP-ED tribune 2-10-21

 Alternative Management Paradigms for the Future of the Colorado and Green Rivers. (This report describes if the Upper Basin States continues to divert water; Lake Powell and Lake Mead will be empty in 20 years.)

CSU Op-ED” The Lake Powell Pipeline is a Relic”,  Tribune Jan 3, 2021

CSU interviewed by Zion Canyon Mesa on the water rights of the LPP. Listen to a Podcast.

Climate’s toll on the Colorado River: ‘We can weather maybe a couple of years’

The warming climate is intensifying drought, contributing to fires and drying out the river’s headwaters, sending consequences cascading downstream.  Ian James Arizona Republic Jan 2, 2021 

How a Tiny fish is helping tackle questions of the future of Colorado River, Tribune 7,29-20

Paul Van Dam: Massive Lake Powell Pipeline project affects all Utahns, not just Washington County,  Tribune Op-ed June 4, 2020

Southern Paiutes warn the Lake Powell Pipeline will make the river angry. Tribune Article, June 6, 2020

The Case Against The Lake Powell Pipeline 6-20-20      The Spectrum

Colorado River Research Group, “Reflections on two tumultuous decades in the Colorado River Basin.” July 2020

Tribal Water Rights -This system cannot be sustained 2020 High Country News

BLOG posts John Fleck

The Hardest Working River in the West, Lincoln Institute, 2020 mapping tools and information on the river.

Where the Water Goes, The New Yorker article, by David Owen 2017