The proposed Northern Corridor Highway would cut through precious habitat and protected public lands in the Red Cliffs NCA.

Legal action, while not our first choice is the only way to protect the Red Cliffs National Conservation Area from the Northern Corridor Highway (NCH). On June 4,  CSU announced that we filed a lawsuit in the Washington DC Federal District Court against the US Department of Interior (DOI) for the previous administration’s approval of the Northern Corridor Highway .Judge Amy Berman Jackson has been assigned to the case.

On May 24, we gave the required notice of violations of the Endangered Species Act involving the Mojave desert tortoise, whose habitat and survival is threatened by the NCH.  The DOI has 60 days, until July 23, to correct those violations or otherwise respond.

It could take years to process the case, and if we win, the county’s appeal could add more. During this extended period, the state and county could attempt to begin construction, in which case we would seek an immediate injunction to stop it.

We continue to stand ready to work with the county to pursue alternatives outside the NCA that move traffic better and cheaper without the environmental damage of the NCH.

What can you do? Stay tuned for action alerts.

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