Conserve Southwest Utah Opposes the Lake Powell Pipeline

CSU Opposes Approval of the LPP

LPP is Unnecessary

  1. Washington County uses considerably more water per capita than other similar desert communities due to subsidized water rates and ineffective conservation practices.
  2. Water usage could be significantly reduced by implementing common conservation practices such as tiered water rates, water budgeting, and building codes that support significant water conservation.
  3. The WCWCD’s projected 100,000 acre-feet of water from local sources is enough to support projected growth if used at reasonable rates.
  4. Additional local supply through agricultural conversion, reuse and other local supplies could be tapped.
  5. A comprehensive and integrated Local Water Management program is needed to balance demand and supply.

LPP is Too Costly

  1. The LPP is simply too expensive for a risky, unnecessary public project.
    1. When including all costs – initial construction, financing and interest, and maintenance and operation – the LPP would be a multi-billion-dollar project.
    2. The LPP would be one of the state’s most expensive projects, stressing the state’s bonding capacity.
    3. Increased water usage fees, property taxes, surcharges, and impact fees would place too high a burden on water users and taxpayers.
  2. The LPP would consume resources and debt capacity needed to meet higher priority needs such as education, transportation, and water conservation. Local and state authorities are already struggling to meet these needs.
  3. Water management/conservation efforts would cost less than the LPP and could be implemented incrementally. Conservation would place a lighter burden on water users and taxpayers in Washington County.
  4. The LPP proposal gives a false sense of water security, postponing conservation efforts and increasing their cost and impacts.

LPP’s water right is too risky

  1. The flow of the Colorado River was over-allocated in the Colorado River Compact of 1922.
  2. Colorado river flows have declined, and more declines are projected, making today’s over allocation even worse.
  3. The amount of Colorado River water Utah will be allowed to use will almost certainly be reduced in future negotiations.
  4. Utah water rights senior to the LPP water right will probably use all available water. The LPP water right is very insecure.


The Rationales

The Conserve Southwest Utah Position Statement on the Lake Powell Pipeline is supported by extensive research  conducted by our teamThe Rationale is 36 pages with a detailed Table of Contents.  Select then click on the item of your interest in the Table of Contents.  Click Here