8. State your preference for alternatives outside of Red Cliffs



For the first time in the decades-long history of the Northern Corridor Highway, transportation alternatives located outside Red Cliffs are being considered. This is a critical time to show support for solutions that protect Red Cliffs and quality of life in southwest Utah. (See map below).

Commenting Guidance

Please copy and paste the following material into your comment, and use the prompts to fill in the blanks:


I support the Red Hills Parkway Expressway (Alternative 5) and the St. George Blvd./100 S. One-way Couplet (Alternative 6) because they protect the Congressionally-defined purposes of the Red Cliffs National Conservation Area. These alternatives minimize damage to threatened, endangered (and sensitive) species and resource values that I care about:

  • [Choose from the following threatened and endangered species: threatened Mojave desert tortoise]
  • [Choose from the following sensitive species: Arizona toad, Common chuckwalla, Desert night lizard, Gila monster, Sidewinder, Western banded gecko, Western threadsnake, Zebra-tailed lizard, Bald eagle, Burrowing owl, Ferruginous hawk, Golden eagle, Short-eared owl, Allen’s big-eared bat, Big free-tailed bat, Fringed myotis, Kit fox, Spotted bat, Townsend’s big-eared bat, Western red bat, Mojave poppy bee, Monarch butterfly, Western bumblebee]
  • [Choose from the following resource values: ecological, scenic, wildlife, recreational, cultural, historical, natural, educational and scientific]

The Draft EIS shows that Alternatives 5 and 6 are more effective than the UDOT Application Alignment (Alternative 3) at reducing traffic congestion and protecting the Red Cliffs National Conservation Area. In addition to these superior alternatives, consideration of the following should be carried forward in the Final EIS:

  • Further consideration of CSU’s Community Transportation Alternatives.
  • The need for integrated land use and transportation planning to avoid self-inflicted traffic problems and future applications for highways on protected land.
  • The need for consideration of traffic management technology and human adaptability.

Alternatives 5 and 6 would protect my unique experience of the Red Cliffs National Conservation Area. This is how I use and value the land: [give examples]

If the BLM-preferred Alternative 3 was granted, I would be negatively impacted in these ways: [give examples]



Northern Corridor Highway alternatives being considered in the Draft EIS