We Need Your Help Networking


Photo Credit: Robert E. Ford

We need your help in expanding our network of supporters who want to defeat the proposed Lake Powell Pipeline (LPP) and the Northern Corridor Highway (NCH). There are thousands of Utah citizens, and many from around the country, who are opposed to one or both of these projects. But how do we reach them and help them lend their voices to this fight?

That’s where you come in. Talk to your friends, family members, neighbors and co-workers who you know oppose or need to know more about the LPP and NCH. Ask if they would be willing to receive bulletins via email or texts about when and how to comment on the draft Environmental Impact Statements (EIS).

Both the LPP and NCH have draft EISs coming out in June 2020. Having a large number of quality comments submitted is crucial.

Once you obtain permission to share their contact information, please email their information to martha.ham@conserveswu.org. We will welcome them to CSU and make sure your contacts receive updates which will inform them of how to take effective action in stopping the LPP and NCH.

Just think how our network would grow if every CSU supporter helped us gain 3 new supporters!

We must create a major public upwelling of opposition to Stop the LPP and Say No Way to a Highway.

Get Your 3 Today!

Thank you for protecting our public lands, water and quality of life!