Governor Herbert issued an Executive Order in June 2017 creating the Executive Water Finance Board to study various financial and economic aspects of water use and proposed water projects that the state will fund.

The Governor’s 2020 Budget and Policy Brief-  here

FY 2020 Budget & Policy Brief – Water

March 23, 2018 the Finance Board held a meeting on the Lake Powell Pipeline in St George. Several presentations were given and you can find the audio version of this meeting and power points.

On the Public Notice web site, Click here:

Utah Public Notice Web Site

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CSU gave a presentation to the Finance Board. Here is our presentation. Click here: Finance Board 2018 Sept 17 FINAL pp


The presentation is posted on the EWFB public meeting website at  The audio recording with CSU’s presentation here:

2018.09.17_09.06_01.MP3 Audio Recording

The CSU presentation begins at about 43:38 into the audio so that CSU supporters who are interested can locate it quickly.

Washington County Presentations to the EWFB. Click on picture.