As you know, since last February there have been on-going discussions by local officials to transfer Snow Canyon State Park to Washington County. Frustratingly, until now, these discussions have not included the public and citizens have been left in the dark about what was happening.

Friends of Snow Canyon (FoSC) has been working diligently to ensure a public voice in the process. In their research they have found an existing 1998 Resource Management Plan that was never fully implemented. FoSC and CDF support the implementation of the 1998 RMP including creation of a citizens advisory committee. Read the 1998 RMP HERE.

Currently, City, County and State officials are drafting a Memorandum of Understanding for management of the Park. Your voice can make a difference in this process. Help us ensure that citizens desires are represented as outlined in the 1998 RMP. Please contact your elected officials and ask them to adopt the 1998 RMP and create the citizens advisory committee as outlined.

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Contact Information:
Representative Don Ipson 435-674-6301
Commissioner Denny Drake
Commissioner Alan Gardner
Commissioner James Eardley
Mayor Chris Hart, Ivins City
Mayor Dan McArthur, St. George
Mayor Rick Rosenberg c/o Santa Clara City Manger
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