Bryan Dixon was raised in Virginia and Maryland and moved to Utah in 1982 with his wife, Jean Lown, who was a professor at Utah State University from 1982-2016. His education was an eclectic mix of neurophysiology, environmental planning, and business management. His career in Utah ranged from public sector (community and economic development) to private sector (small business finance, manufacturing, software design and management, environmental consulting, and geographic information systems). While in northern Utah, he was active in Sierra Club, served as President of Bridgerland Audubon Society, helped found the Stokes Nature Center, volunteered for The Nature Conservancy, and founded a land trust (Bear River Land Conservancy). For grins, he has been a rock and ice climber, backcountry skier and avalanche safety instructor, canoeist, birder, and adventure motorcyclist. In 2017, Bryan and Jean purchased a condominium in St. George and now spend five months in Logan, five months in St. George hiking and riding their tandem bicycle, and about two months traveling hither and yon to find new birds, see North America from a motorcycle, and explore the vast western public lands. He believes strongly in public service, protecting Nature for—and from—people, and appreciating the diversity all around us in the limited time we have on this Earth.