Conserve Southwest Utah (CSU) is a local 501.c.3 non-profit coalition of citizens advocating for conservation of the area’s natural resources (our public lands, our water and our air) and cultural resources (the remnants of native and pioneer activity) and for the Smart Growth principles that enable conservation for the benefit of present and future generations.

We started in 2006 (as Citizens for Dixie’s Future) in response to Congressional legislation that would have sold 25,000 acres of BLM land for development. This legislation would have granted a right-of-way for the Lake Powell Pipeline and plowed a four-lane highway through the Red Cliffs National Conservation Area. The threat of unplanned growth impacting the living environment that is the local economy’s “golden goose” was of great concern to residents.  This legislation triggered a two and a half year county-wide Vision Dixie land use planning process. Over 3,000 residents participated, providing extensive input that resulted in 10 Smart Growth Principals to ensure that we maintain the key “quality of life” elements that make our area desirable as we grow.  This planning process also shaped the 2009 Omnibus Public Land Management Act, a monumental piece of legislation that created new conservation mandates for the BLM and established the Beaver Dam Wash and Red Cliffs National Conservation Areas in Washington County.

Southwest Utah is a special place of unparalleled beauty. Our signature scenic vistas, accessible open space, and clean air are all qualities worth protecting for future generations. Washington county continues to be one of the West’s most desirable places to live. As our area grows, the need for citizen involvement to protect the things we value about our place becomes increasingly important. Please join us in our effort to protect our special places, our public lands, our water and our air, and to promote the Smart Growth policies that enable those protections.


Southwest Utah grows in a manner that enables conservation and restoration of its natural and cultural resources.


Advocate conservation and stewardship of our area’s natural and cultural resources and advocate implementation of the Smart Growth policies that enables conservation for the benefit of present and future generations.


Our overarching goal is that Southwest Utah  implements  policies that balance growth and economic development with conservation and stewardship of land, air and water resources to benefit our citizens, both present and future.  That translates into these more specific goals:

PUBLIC LANDS – Conserve our public lands, their habitats and cultural remnants of native and pioneer activity, engage in land use policies and advocate that public lands remain in public ownership.

WATER – Promote efficient use of our existing local water and advocate “Conservation First,” before pursuing unsustainable water supplies like the Colorado River.

SMART GROWTH – Advocate sustainable development policies that prevent sprawl, foster conservation of natural resources and preserve a high quality of life.


CSU’s Board and Staff