Federal agencies, with the support of our elected officials, have started the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)  process for two long-standing, complicated and damaging projects: the Northern Corridor Highway and the Lake Powell Pipeline. They released the notice to start the EIS process one day Dec 5 after the other Dec 6 trying to reduce public comment, but we will not be deterred.  These projects have gone through other approval attempts that have failed due largely to CSU’s member efforts.  Let’s keep it up! We are waiting for the Draft EISs to come out about June 5, 2020 and we will let you know when the comment period opens.

CLICK HERE: to learn more about the next steps on the Northern Corridor Highway project.

CLICK HERE:  to  learn more about the next steps for the  Lake Powell Pipeline project.

We need more people to help us spread the word on these projects. We started a ” Get Yer 3! campaign. Let us know of 3 of your friends who could help us spread the word on these issues by adding their names to our mailing list. Here is more information on this effort. CLICK HERE.